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The Power of Imagining your Future - You have to imagine it in your mind first....see all the possibilities. Feel into each one, choose the one that makes you happiest and keep the focus. Your life is up to you

Life can be stressful; sometimes you'll have to deal with ongoing stress positively. Stress can have a variety of causes such as family problems, job problems, financial difficulties, poor health, mechanical breakdowns, false expectations or even the death of someone close to you. It is important to recognize the causes (some stress is natural) and, if possible, take steps to deal with the root of the problem

How to manage anxiety: 4 strange but effective medication-free strategies. I was skeptical of these at first, but now that I've seen them work I'm a believer.

The body will always compromise long-term health for short-term survival. Let's let go of perceived or unnecessary stressors wherever possible and breathe in a sigh of relief. http://thewholejourney.com/

Pointer to drop weight efficiently: Set goals to keep you inspired. Short-term objectives, like wanting to match a swimsuit for the summer season, usually don't work in addition to wishing to feel more confident, enhance your mood, or end up being healthier for your kids's sakes. When aggravation and temptation strike, concentrate on the lots of advantages you will enjoy from being healthier and leaner.

Grounding exercise for anxiety. #zoeyholguintherapy #youareenough #badasswomen #getridofshittyrelationships #codependencycounseling

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