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Information about art therapy and autism, how art therapy helps people with autism, and how people with autism use art therapy.



Collage watercolor.... NOT just for kids. :)))))))

Ikigai - why I get up in the morning art therapy directive. Find meaning and purpose in your life

art analysis worksheet with lots of questions about content, form, process, mood....appropriate for anglophone teens, but could be simplified with easier questions in French for children

from Handmade Kids Art

10 Questions to Ask Your Child about their Art

10 Questions to Ask your Child about their Artwork. I love this list as a handy reference to get more than just one word answers from my child.

Creativity in Therapy: One Word Collage: An Art Directive for Resolutions More

79-ART THERAPY CHILDREN Help Kids Express Their Grief*use the sentence starters as options for their I REMEMBER and I MISS books.~bcp

Spattered columns art space puzzle installation & collaborative project art connects new york soho tim kelly artist nyc

Great guide for art therapy groups conducted in detention setting where art media may not be permitted for use...can show slides of famous artworks and ask the questions to reach for insight, meaning and participants' responses..