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Spell Your Name Now Workout

Spell Your Name for a good warm up or get creative and come up with words to spell and do those workouts!

Diet Pepsi to start the day! In a cup with ice and a straw...then I will be a happy lady!!


Fitwirr "8 Minute Abs" Workout for Women Poster

No equipment? No problem this "8 minute Abs + core workout" is all you need to strengthen and tone your core muscles. This easy abs exercises poster is presented in a clear and concise manner. Each ex

Rock it! Follow @prime8nutritions @prime8nutritions #Gains #Fitfam…

Only problem is Netflix no commercials, but maybe I can catch a show somewhere...or the gym.

from Slender Kitchen

Friday Five: Halloween Candy & Calorie Showdown

Candy calories and exercise

Click here because in 24 days you will have wished you had started today!

from Beauty Through Imperfection

How to resist sugar cravings

How Can YOU QUIT SODA?!!Whether you’re drinking regular or diet soda, you know it’s not good for you, but how quit? 1. Decide WHY you’re quitting soda. health reasons? expense? Read to see more...