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I absolutely adored you...and believe me, no one else will ever see you the same way I once did. I had you up on a pedestal so high that i lost sight of who you actually were/are. And you, my love, are an evil piece of shit. Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight.

from Madeline Scribes

I SEE mean people

I'm not sure what's happened in the Universe these past few decades, but people just seem to have lost all sense of respect for others. Grown people that think nothing of cutting in front of the li...

Stop, please. I haven't seen you in so long so I have no idea if you care any more, or still if you ever did. You keep trying to make me jealous and it hurts. I don't even know if you feel bad about it. I'm not saying that you should have felt bad initially, but after all this time you've spent hurting me with confusion I wish you'd at least find some way to apologize.

from Quotes Words Sayings

Top 30 sad Quotes

Top 30 sad Quotes #thought

from ThisPirateGirlsLife

When A Woman Becomes Her Own Best Friend, Life Is Easier

This is true. People will always let you down. You let yourself down by choice. Be your own best friend and don't let yourself down! ;)

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from David Oragui

7 Qualities of A Good Friend

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am sick of fake friends because I am done, they are obviously so jealous because they can see that they are sluts and clearly I am not. Backstabbing two faced worthless hoes! Ugh