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Obscurity. Answers are not plainly shown. Elusive images. Twilight. Dreamy fantasies cloud your thoughts. Unknown enemies.

Fluctuating economic fortune. Balancing act. Tricky launch of a new project. Qualms. Risky venture. Timing and dexterity. Shadowy scene and cunning characters. Juggling resources. Thinking on your feet. Agility needed to sail high seas. Uncanny instinct. Crafty business partner. A vague, even peculiar situation that keeps one guessing and on their toes. The dance of opposites. Ambiguity.

An unpredictable turn of events. Taking hold of your life and going a new direction. A new start. Don't wait. Go, move, and dance.

The Hanged Man - Restriction; self-sacrifice. Championing the noble cause of others. Feeling drained of energy and resources. A wise and sometimes temporary surrender in order to conserve energy. Enduring self-sacrifice as a part of initiation.

Hearing the call to a new life. Resurrection. Rebirth. New perception and purpose in life. A reawakening. Renewed enthusiasm. A rising destiny. Unexplored path. Invitation, recognizing new opportunities. Creating a new philosophy and purpose. Reaching a crossroads and assessing one¹s past life, motives, values, and progress.

Burden. Rising to a challenge. Not flinching in the face of hard work. Pressure. Effort and time. Asserting oneself. Oppression followed by gain. Sustaining others. Carrying one's weight and more. Saving for a home. Budget restrictions. Perseverance. Suppressing one's needs to accomplish a demanding task.

The message of The Devil is a warning, a cautionary tale. If Temperance is perfect balance perfectly expressed, The Devil is imperfect balance recklessly pursued. Anything in the extreme--eating, working, sexual activities, exercising--leads to an unbalanced life. Take heed and moderate your behavior. Keep watch for obsessions in your life. Do not let any belief or practice over shadow all other aspects of your life or your responsibilities to yourself and others.