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Rubio: This is not about shutting down the government. It's about shutting down ObamaCare

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FLASHBACK: ISIS LEADER WARNS USA, ‘WE WILL BE IN DIRECT CONFRONTATION’ “So watch, for we are with you, watching," ISIS leader said

Hackers steal 1.2 BILLIONS user name and passwords from 420,000 websites around the world. Please keep your eyes open with your internet use accounts.

MnRTV Live show US War In Syria over Chemical Weapons Will it happen and what to expect!

Stevetheblogger Blogspot: #SaveAleppo Syria's cry for help Please Help This ...

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Abu Far on

Twitter / farGar: Look at our babies #Syria ...

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"Missing" Louisiana Refugee Wasn't Missing At All

***Of course, Mad World News was behind the rumor!