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Abu'l Hasan 1618 "Jahangir's Dream of embracing Shah 'Abbas" --Jahangir, on the right, hugs Shah Abbas, the Safavid ruler of the Persian empire. They stand on top of the world, on the backs of a lion and a lamb. A lion and a lamb together represents peace and harmony. This image suggests that the two rulers are at peace with one another. It also suggests, due to the submissive posture of Shah Abbas, that Jahangir, the Mughal Indian emperor, is in charge here. Shah 'Abbas is secondary

Demons Fighting Over an Animal Limb, late 17th century. India. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Doris Rubin, in memory of Harry Rubin, 1989 (1989.236.3) | In this painting, set in a fantastic landscape with rocks, trees and a cityscape in the distance, two fearsome demons are seen quarreling over the leg of an animal.

The goddess Durga killing the buffalo demon, Mahisha (Mahishasuramardini), Pala period (c. 700–1200), twelfth century | Bangladesh or India | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York | Purchase, Diana and Arthur G. Altschul Gift, 1993 (1993.7)