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Approval of GMO Imports Moves EU 'Closer to Monsanto' | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

I keep telling my posse of kids & they keep telling me; because those of us with soul amnesia need to gently tell each other the things we've forgotten again. So I say it on repeat every morning: Just like the cold can move you closer toward the fire, hard things can move you closer toward God. Above all the pressures & pace; politics & news, above the rushing, above the deadlines, above everything, take a long, loving look at Jesus who is above all that is pressing in on you.

In Turkey, the United States is viewed as the perennial boogeyman--responsible for everything. More and more so as Turkey moves closer to Russia. Like the failed coup in July and the assassination of Russia’s ambassador in December, the New Year’s Day nightclub massacre is suspected of being a C.I.A. plot.

Narro Reading of What is Henry Kissinger Up To? EDITOR'S CHOICE: The English language Russian news agency Sputnik reports that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is advising US president-elect Donald Trump how to bring the United States and Russia closer together to offset Chinasmilitary buildup.

That's right! I love her!

If you think cheeto head does, you're conned. He has proven he doesn't represent the working people at all, he's appointing Orwellian people at every turn, he represents Billionaires.

Ya! What's wrong with Mexico? And when the hell are the celebrities that promised to move leaving??

Trump saves 800 jobs for a $7 million tax giveaway & Republicans rejoice. Obama saves the ENTIRE American auto industry, 1.5 million jobs and the taxpayer were almost entirely repaid and not a single Republican has given him any credit, to this day. Hypocrisy, much?