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from Bounceback Parenting

Helping Siblings Resolve Conflicts - Raising Friends for Life

Raising Friends for Life - isn't that what we hope for with siblings? But on days when each kid seems to have it out for the other, this feels like a distant possibility. Thankfully we have a new great resource for making this a reality.

from Creative Child Magazine

Why Connection is the Parenting Key

To understand why connection is the parenting key, we must first understand a bit about the brain. For a simple explanation, let's talk in terms of the downstairs brain and the upstairs brain.

My toddler has started hitting when he gets frustrated, is feeling ignored, or just thinks it might be fun.

what different emotions did Joseph's brothers have that caused them to sin, and sell him as a slave? Have you ever experienced these feelings? What could Joseph's brothers have done differently? What can we do to overcome negative emotions?

Tired of their students drifting off during class, school administrators decided to issue and distribute this bedtime chart to parents in an effort to help them start the new school year off right…A presumptuous move that wasn't exactly well-received.

"Treating me with Gentleness and Respect isn't permissiveness..." A big influence on my parenting was the section in To Kill a Mockingbird where the oldest son talks about how his relationship with his father was based on mutual respect.