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"Sometimes I still get these urges to contact you. It feels like pure desperation… Like my skin is crawling and my eyes are burning and I just want you back in my life so badly…." - Ranata Suzuki * missing you, I miss him, lost, tumblr, love, relationship, beautiful, words, quotes, story, quote, sad, breakup, broken heart, heartbroken, loss, loneliness, depression, depressed, unrequited, typography, written, writing, writer, poet, poetry, prose, poem * pinterest.com/ranatasuzuki

I was driving to a doctor's appointment when a sign caught my attention...it simply said wildflowers grow here.. The word just grabbed my heart! So beautiful when this happens...it's like the Lord exhales into your very soul:) I knew a poem was on it's way...and as I heard the first line...wildflower wildflower what tis this sweet name? I laughed out loud and said..I love that Lord!!! ...and my son again saw the wonder of God touching a man...(well...a woman). May He always see my delight…

The earth turns and every second there.. https://twitter.com/MXavierFans http://instagram.com/michaelxavierfans/# https://www.facebook.com/michaelxavierwriter

Water is the only thing that still touches my body. That, and the warm, beautiful arms of my children.

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

We find rest in those we love... and we provide a resting place for those who love us... Saint Bernard of Clairvaux ... My favorite way to end the day... Every night before I go to sleep... I close my eyes and find you... there is a such a peaceful... beautiful... warm...comforting feeling in that... compares to none other... I Love...

"Hands" May 18th. Reading this with tears streaming down my face. Her words touch a place inside my heart that I thought was frozen.

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