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What to expect in 2017 according to Twitter - CNET Enlarge Image Heres a headline you can probably expect to see in 2017. Photo by Screenshot via The Simpsons The unpredictability of 2016 means all bets are off for 2017. Twitter users have created a hashtag to predict next years news. The results are pretty wild. Meanwhile Facebook users are conquering a new challenge. The mannequin challenge is so…

The Democrat party established the government welfare plantation. According to black political writer & commentator Star Parker, who opposes many public entitlements, welfare is similar to an invitation to a government plantation, which creates a situation whereby those who accept the invitation switch mindsets from "How do I take care of myself?" to "What do I have to do to stay on the plantation?" Parker believes stable families & strong moral values are the key to ending poverty.

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20 Beautiful Patios (on a Budget)

The backyard was in and the pergola was up. It was more beautiful than I’d ever imagined. The pergola was constructed of redwood, that Ali had flown in from California and was draped in honeysuckle and climbing rose vines with a wood and wrought iron chandelier hanging from the center. As an added birthday surprise to me, Ali had the words, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope. -Lady Bird Johnson-” engraved across its threshold. #GoodEnough #BirthdayGarden

Johnson Wax building---I recently listed FLW as one of three people that I admire on an info sheet. He made so much magic.