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In 1920, a red flag with a while circle and black swastika became the official emblem of the Nazi Party. Description from I searched for this on

blonde_hair boots flowers forest gloves grass green_eyes gun hat leaves long_hair military original tc1995 tree uniform weapon

1girl assault_rifle black_legwear blush boots bow brown_eyes brown_hair collarbone dausagi eotech gloves gun hair_bow highres holster knee_pads looking_at_viewer m4_carbine magazine_(weapon) military original pantyhose pistol ponytail pouches rifle shadow shorts sling_(weapon) smile trigger_discipline vertical_foregrip weapon

aqua_eyes blonde_hair call_of_duty gloves gun hoodie kumamon original short_hair snow weapon

blue_hair boots bow braids glasses gloves gun hat headdress hong_meiling izayoi_sakuya red_hair skirt sniper thighhighs touhou weapon

blue_hair boots bow braids gloves gun headdress izayoi_sakuya purple_eyes skirt sniper thighhighs touhou weapon white