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blue_hair boots bow braids glasses gloves gun hat headdress hong_meiling izayoi_sakuya red_hair skirt sniper thighhighs touhou weapon

blue_hair boots bow braids gloves gun headdress izayoi_sakuya purple_eyes skirt sniper thighhighs touhou weapon white

black legwear blonde girl (itou) blonde hair blue eyes book bra breasts bullpup cleavage gloves gun highres itou (onsoku tassha) notebook open mouth original pencil case ponytail school desk school uniform solo submachine gun sweat tears thighhig

1girl american_flag ammunition_pouch antennae assault_rifle body_armor brown_gloves bulletproof_vest byeontae_jagga camouflage ear_protection fatigues gloves gun handgun headset helmet m1911 m4_carbine military military_uniform multicam_(camo) original pistol plate_carrier pump_action red_eyes remington_870 rifle shotgun silver_hair sling solo trigger_discipline uniform weapon

a commission for *Merman1234 an anime character: Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion... Done in ps-cs2... Follow me also on My WebSite and My Blog!

Bookish fox

This fox loves his books. - art print from an original watercolor, gouache, and acrylic painting by Kit Chase. - archival matte paper and ink - vertical print - ships worldwide from the U.S. - waterma