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What your Birthday says about your career

What your Birthday says about your career

Differences between Psycopath and Sociopath

Differences Between a Psychopath and a sociopath. PSYCOPATHY results from an undeveloped brain. SOCIOPATHY is a product of childhood trauma or abuse.

As if we could keep quiet for three days. <-- yup. BUT DON'T DO IT. WE DON'T WANT TO END UP LIKE FIREFLY DO WE?

With the cliffhanger Moffat has promised with season 3 this is the LAST thing we want to happen.<---- yes please don't ignore Sherlock!

We have always been crazy

We are the oldest fandom. We're the reason the word fan originates from fanatic. Don't mess with us!>>>> actually the Merlin fandom is the oldest they invented love triangles in the in Europe

Yeah, so these were probably made up, but still funny if you can imagine a kid answering this way on a test...

Funny pictures about Smart student. Oh, and cool pics about Smart student. Also, Smart student photos.

Trailersdesk.com is 100% legal movie website, no streaming or movie download from the site, each movie with it's own embedded trailer and information.

Movie/Book dates to remember Saw Beautiful Creatures already, Excited for The Host, Iron Man Despicable Me Percy Jackson and Catching Fire (so excited for this one)

Friendship goals

This made me so happy. Benedict and Martin are really the most awesome of friends. "People fell in love with the friendship. Not exactly the two men.

The "fun" in "funeral"

Funny pictures about Epic Funeral Party. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Funeral Party. Also, Epic Funeral Party photos.

Irene Adler (@The_Whip_Hand) | Twitter

The_Whip_Hand: Stave off boredom, Sherlock .<------Well, I should think a few of these would do it.

Avengers 'I have a dream'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete epicness:D

I've got a dream (Tangled)~ Avengers Style :D yep sang it in my head to the tune.