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Explore these ideas and much more! - Japanese researchers 3D print blood vessels using patient's skin cells | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

New haptic microscope technique allows researchers to 'feel' the microworld

New technique could mean super thin, strong graphene-based circuits

circuits, which are in everything from coffeemakers to computers and are patterned from perfectly crystalline silicon, are quite thin—but Cornell researchers think they can push thin-film boundaries to the single-atom level. | leapmind

Researchers Develop A New Method For Producing Graphene -

Nature-Inspired Nanotubes That Assemble Themselves, With Precision - Precision meets nano-construction, as seen in this illustration. Berkeley Lab scientists discovered a peptoid composed of two chemically distinct blocks (shown in orange and blue) that assembles itself into nanotubes with uniform diameters. (Credit: Berkeley Lab)