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» Reviewed by William F. Deeck: CARTER DICKSON – He Wouldn’t Kill Patience.

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Low Points In The Lives Of These 15 Famous People Will Truly Inspire You

If you ever find yourself feeling down about failures in your life, here are some inspirational stories of people who pressed forward through hard times.

Nagano Shigeichi (b. 1925) - An elderly couple on a pilgrmiage in mourning for their son killed in the war, Tokushima, Dainichiji temple, Japan 1956.

"But phony, Hemingway was not, and poseur he was not. He did not shoot lions and leopards because he was searching for the answer to life. He shot lions and leopards because he bloody well liked to hunt and shoot, and killing was the best punctuation mark at the end of the intricate and fascinating process of hunting."  - Robert Ruark

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Triangle Fire: One Woman Who Changed the Rules

CLARA LEMLICH (1886 - 1982; Ukraine, U.S.) | November 22, 1909, Cooper Union: "I have no further patience for talk...I move that we go on a general strike."