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I even tried solving it. It is impossible. If anyone can figure it out, message me with the answer.

Music teacher humor

Y can equal any real number in this equation. (Band nerd and math teacher in training)

The Many Hats of a Band Director... Could apply to a choir director, too!

The Many Hats of a Band Director

This poster says it all. Band directors do a lot! Get this x poster for your office today. Available in Band, Choir, and Orchestra versions, as well.

"You'll get a water break just after running the show ONE more time!" Yeahright!!!

people who will be my valentine whose line is it anyway. Love this show!

204. When someone starts playing music from a past show, and everyone else joins in.

Right after the concert, a grader trumpet player started playing carol of the bells and every human being in the band room started playing too.

On the last day of freshman band camp we were in attention and a girl moved. Our punishment was to run

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