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from zulily

Orange Retro Hawaiian Handkerchief Halter Dress - Toddler & Girls

Vintage Sunjoy Retro Picnic Set Complete - made sometime in the early 1970's - in it's original case!! The set is in excellent condition!! Very retro - and back in fashion today

Yes, I know it's for a three year old. Don't judge me ;) adorable retro vintage cat and mouse skirt

from Etsy

Retro Mod Suitcases - Mod Floral, by Bantam, Set of 2

Retro Mod Suitcases - I used to have a suitcase similar to this when I was a kid. A squirrel chewed it's way through the vinyl into the zip pocket and stole my granola bars when I took it to camp. Later it's where mom stored the dress ups. I miss my tacky suitcase.

lifesavers, the old fashioned candy - when they had the white pineapple flavored ones!! Mmmm!!!! Green, yellow, and then orange were my least favorite. So, I guess that means I really only liked the cherry and pineapple!