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Soullutions Counselling        " Your Accountability Partner" - Counselling

Soullutions Counselling        " Your Accountability Partner" - Counselling

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Soullutions Counselling        " Your Accountability Partner" - Counselling

Free First Day of School Activity: Back to School Bingo ~ Back to School Activity

Most popular words used in titles and posts of blogs participating in Mental Health Month Blog Day May 15, 2013 #mhblogday

This worksheet is designed to be used in couples counseling to emphasize the positive qualities of a relationship. Each individual should complete the worksheet, and then share their responses with their partner.

"Remember what you really like about your ADD/ADHD partner. 1) Don’t do anything for your ADD partner which could be managed by a device or an app. 2) Let your ADD partner tackle clearly-defined and time-limited household projects while you take on longer-term detailed-oriented tasks. 3) Ask your ADHD partner for what you want. " ("Image courtesy of Luigi/" - Pin created on

1 in 5 teens in a dating relationship report being hit, slapped, or pushed by their partner. Learn more about teen dating violence and how to educate teens about healthy relationships in your community! [infographic]

Communication tips for mental health supporters. There is so little information or training for family & friends living with someone suffering with a Mental health issue. Sometimes I think there should be support groups & training courses for them too - to help them understand more!! (I know some sectors already do have this - while others offer little support)