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Modern Medievalism: The Use of Sarum: A Brief History and Why It Matters

Sarum-book or Missal, originated in Salisbury Cathedral in and used throughout England up until the reign of Mary I and Philip II.

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10 tips for how to deal with atheists in the forums

I know this isn't the 'proper' definition of Atheism, and it doesn't outline what Atheists actually believe. But, even if I were an Atheist (which I'm not) I would find this freaking hilarious.

HO4 Shipping Container Home

Today’s shipping container home is sure to make your jaw drop. If not from the stunning, modern features then possibly from the impressive price tag.

The Pre-Historic Period

One of the oldest texts in the world. Poetry creates the world.

Nicholas Ridley (1503 - 1555) -Ridley was private chaplain to Archbishop Thomas Cranmer & then to King Henry VIII. Under the reign of Edward, he became bishop of London, & was part of the committee that drew up the first English Book of Common Prayer. When Mary came to the throne, Ridley was arrested, tried & burned at the stake with Hugh Latimer.

Nicholas Ridley - -Ridley was private chaplain to Archbishop Thomas…

The African Presence In Ancient, Pre-Columbian Mexico.  http://bafsudralam.blogspot.com/2009/12/negrocostachicanos.html

Hidden Face of Mayans---This is the Black Mayan Chief welcoming Ekchuah, the Mayan god. Also look at how the leading personage before the Black travler kneels.

James joined Christ in prayer before his arrest. Crivelli depicts the barefoot Apostle with Christ-like hair, beard and facial features, acknowledging his close relationship with the Savior. Carlo Crivelli, Saint James Major, 1472, on panel, 97.2 x 32.1 cm, Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, Bequest of Helen Babbott Sanders.

Carlo Crivelli Saint James Major (panel of an altarpiece), painting Authorized official website