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letter B by Leon Battista Alberti at Rucellai sepulchre, 1446-1451 by @Lazur URH, Found a reasonable copy of Alberti vs Pacioli letter B comparision, which this work is based upon. to figure out Pacioli\'s proportion in that construction he used, with no avail. , on @openclipart

type designer, ,Bell Centennial, Big Caslon, Bitstream Charter, Big Figgins, Carter Sans, Cascade Script, Elephant, Fenway, ITC Galliard, Gando Georgia, Mantinia, Meiryo (Latin range) Miller, Monticello Nina, Olympian Rocky, Shelley Script, Snell, Roundhand, Skia, Sophia, Tahoma, Verdana, Vincent Walke, Wilson, Greek, Wrigley, Yale