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#Halo 4 Enemies by Garrett Post

Since everyone liked my Doom coin so much here's the whole collection! Halo 5: Guardians: Xbox One: Video Games

neo-rama: “WOW! it’s BISMUTH! i haven’t seen her since middle school! don’t miss the BISMUTH half hour special! boarded by Katie Mitroff, Lamar Abrams, Colin Howard & Jeff Liu! ” Don’t miss!!! This is serious Bismuth! Our hundredth episode! Our first...

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Halo 3

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Just try and keep your head down. There's two of us in here, now.


Best collection of video games

When you find a game you love there is no experience quite like it. Becoming fully immersed in the world can cause you to forget who you are and becoming that character. Diminished conscience of Self feels appropriate here. Not only can you lose track of time, you can lost track of exactly who you are. As I get more into gaming I have become more of a competitor. I always want to win and when I lose I want to know why. If I'm stuck on a difficult spot I won't give up until I've moved past…