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Video: Dove Cameron Visited With “Good Morning America” January 15, 2014

Does this prove i'm real? And Ari didn't tell me to make a account... i don't have her number.... xo

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it...... I got one less problem without ya....... call me miss movin on..... these boys ain't loyal! HEEEEEEEY!..... but first, lemme take a selfie. LOVE THIS SO MUCH

Ariana grande!! She is sooo gorgeous!!!!! I wish I looked like her!!!!!! She is soooooooooo amazing!!! Such a great role model!! Ariana can we b bow buddies because I have so many bows and we should add Bethany Mota to:) but ya bow buddies:p anyways how r ya??? -Sammie

It's not the first occasion when this has happened with Mika. While Arijit Singh’s public apology has put him in the eye of the storm, now we hear that it’s not just Arijit who has been given the short end of the stick by Salman. On the off chance...