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Ancient Code on

Ancient people knew that the Earth was round 2000 years before Columbus -   - #AncientHistory

Triplets. Usually either Daf or the Blonde is Kirk and Bones is Hubs

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John Boyega Responds To 'Black Stormtrooper' Criticisms

Even as a kid, this was one of the things that attracted me to TOS, a hopeful vision of humanity and our future. This is such a lovely quote. Here's to IDIC!

The International Space Station, celebrating 15 years.

The star in the centre, known as V1331 Cyg and located in the dark cloud LDN 981 — or, more commonly, Lynds 981 — had previously been defined as a T Tauri star. A T Tauri is a young star — or Young Stellar Object — that is starting to contract to become a main sequence star similar to the Sun.

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Amazing photo of the MIR space station against the immensity of Earth

This view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis still connected to Russia’s Mir Space Station was photographed by the Mir-19 crew on July 4, 1995.

With its twin solid rocket boosters and three main engines churning at seven million pounds of thrust, the Space Shuttle Atlantis thunders skyward from Launch Pad 39A. Liftoff of Mission STS-45 occurred at 8:13:40 a.m. EST, March 24, 1992. On board for the 46th Shuttle flight are a crew of seven and the Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science-1 (ATLAS-1). The launch is the second in 1992 for the Shuttle program and Atlantis' 11th flight.

Dual Space Shuttles - very rare sight to see two shuttles on launch pads at one time but it happened


Twelfth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote

Space Shuttle Blueprint Posters