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Ancient people knew that the Earth was round 2000 years before Columbus - - #AncientHistory

Mercury (or Sol I) is the first planet in the solar system and is named after the Roman god Mercury, envoy of the gods according to Earth mythology. Description from I searched for this on

The volume of Jupiter is 70% of the total mass of all our planets. Description from I searched for this on

Jupiter Moons - Callisto discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610 using a telescope. It is thought to have oceans of liquid water beneath its crust. about the size of Mercury, is the 3rd largest moon in the solar system. It is more heavily cratered than any other moon in the solar system. Callisto remains as it was when it formed, during the period of intense meteoroid bombardment that the entire solar system experienced

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. Like Neptune, Uranus is considered an "ice giant", and has the coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System, with a minimum temperature of 49 K (−224 °C). Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope.

Mercury by Mariner 10 taken in 1974 - first image of the planet Mercury on 24 March 1974, taken from a distance of 5,380,000 km from the surface of Mercury - NASA

Images of the planet Mercury from the Messenger Spacecraft, which has now crashed onto the planet April 30th 2015. Out of fuel after more than a decade in space, the robotic Messenger probe slammed into the planet at about 3.26pm ET, on the far side. Nasa launched Messenger toward Mercury in 2004, and the vessel borrowed gravity and sailed the pressure of sunlight (solar sailing) for seven years, looping its way around planets until finally it reached orbit around the planet closest to the…