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Loutrophoros (ceremonial vase for water), ca. 340–330 B.C.; red-figure Attributed to the Darius Painter (Greek, active ca. 340–330 B.C.) Greek, South Italian, Apulian Terracotta

Mi ha sempre affascinato tutto ciò che è circolare. E tra tutto ciò che è circolare amo le figure a simmetria radiale, come i fiocchi di neve o i mandala.

Il Tesoro di Boscoreale - La fuga del tesoro

Gold Etruscan strap necklaces from the Tuscan Maremma (6th century BC). The first one of plaited wire and suspended chains, beads, rosettes, acorns, lotus flowers and buds. The second necklace is hung with the heads of a river-god, sirens, flowers, buds, scarabs and settings for onix gems and amber.

Earrings Etruscan, 525-500 BC The J. Paul Getty Museum “Seven rosettes form the decoration of this pair of large Etruscan earrings. Placed in a circular arrangement around a central point, the rosettes were made separately and attached to a backing...

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