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Mi ha sempre affascinato tutto ciò che è circolare. E tra tutto ciò che è circolare amo le figure a simmetria radiale, come i fiocchi di neve o i mandala.

Il Tesoro di Boscoreale - La fuga del tesoro

This little vase was relly impressive! It was found in Zakros Ancient Minoan Palace, dated to 17th-15th century BC!

Pair of gold armlets from the Oxes Treasure (5th-4th century BC), one of the most important surviving items of ancient Persian craftsmanship. In the shape of winged griffins. The hollows chased into the horns, face and body of the monsters were originally inlaid. British Museum

Gold medallion used as hair ornament (half of 3rd cent.b.C.) - Hellenistic with oriental influence - Louvre

The Etruscan language has been difficult to analyze. Long thought an isolate, consensus now holds that it is related to languages in the Alps and the Aegean island of Lemnos. It was superseded by Latin and was written in an alphabet derived from the Greek alphabet; this alphabet was the source of the Latin alphabet. It is also believed to be the source of certain important cultural words of Western Europe such as 'military' and 'person,' which do not have obvious Indo-European roots.