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Cardboard table with chairs | The Wooden Horse - wooden toys, wooden toys manufacturing, wooden toys wholesale


a caixa de sonhos

This product overall is a practical and uses the slotting system to hold it together, structurally making it a really durable chair. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as others on the cardboard furniture range, but it is a perfect example on how structure of a material can give the features of rigidity and durability.

lazerian: bravais armchair and radiolarian sofa

Cheese cardboard chair and bar stool by Konstantin Achkov, via Behance

Portable Folding Cardboard Chair, Stool, Corrugated Cardboard, Paper Chair|Mindgen - Company Profile

0 to 1, a New York City-based design and architecture studio, uses “the remnants of industrial manufacturing” to create furniture and other objects. C-clamps and cardboard cores that “were once used to hold fabric or packaging materials” get made into “Cylinder” chairs. See also: Earlier Unconsumption posts on new uses for cardboard tubes here, and paper towel and other tubes here.

from Apartment Therapy

Richard Woods' and Sebastian Wrong's Wrongwoods

I've loved this chest of drawers from the first time I saw it. Design: Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong.