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17 Puppies Who Are So Cute They Will Make You Mad

17 Puppies Who Are So Cute

When you’re feeling kinda blue, a dose of puppy sniffs n’ wiggles will perk you up every time… Just think of it as puppy therapy.

The previous description of this was "chocolate lab"... I own a Viszla and this is a Viszla!

When I'm ready to make a will be to chocolate lab. ♡

01-16-16 .... We lost a beloved family member today. His name was Jackson, and was rescued from a high kill shelter when he was a pup. He looked a lot like this photo. Jack came into life in an up hill battle. He was allergic to most foods. Due to this, he was failing to thrive. My brother & wife refused to give up on this little guy. Despite the messes, the heartbreak and copious time, they kept looking for a way. And found it! Jack lived a happy, cherished 6 1/2 years. He died this…