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Cute Birds: The Top 10 Most Adorable Birds

the blue-footed boobie; only one example of God's sense of humor. people being another...

Red-Footed Booby by © Mary Howard on Birds of a Feather, via

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Kilauea Point National Wildlife Sanctuary

The red-footed booby (Sula sula) is a large seabird of the booby family, Sulidae. As suggested by the name, adults always have red feet, but the colour of the plumage varies. They are powerful and agile fliers, but they are clumsy in takeoffs and landings. They are found widely in the tropics, and breed colonially in coastal regions, especially islands. Seen 11/19/06 on the BigIsland, Hawaii, by Debbie Rinaldo.

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26 Animals Who Know Dating Is The Worst

Sometimes, Nature is just awesome. This is a Real Bird, and it's called a Blue-Footed Booby` Repinned

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Blue footed booby a piece of study.

Found this while looking for something else. Neat looking bird!

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Palin Family Vacation Announced

galapagos islands, ecuador.

*BLUE FOOTED BOOBY: Galapagos Islands. The perfect name for this bird. Makes him even more endearing!

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Blue footed booby a piece of study.

A Pair of Boobies Perfectly in step