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29 Beautiful Examples of Silhouette Photography | Inspiration

Double exposures by Nevessart , Alexis FOLLIOT…/



"And if, one by one, we help them, the hurting animals, the desperate humans, then together we shall alleviate so much of the hunger, fear, and pain in the world. Together we can bring change to the world, gradually replacing fear and hatred with compassion and love. -Jane Goodall

from Playbuzz

What Kind of Wings Do You Have?

In Native American Culture, everything is connected. Everyone and everything is linked between each other. Thus, people are connected to animals, to the earth, and to the sky. Are you the Eagle? The Salmon? The Buffalo? What leads you through this life?

This is just a cool picture. The angle is awesome, and I mean come on, who taught the horse to pose like that?

.#etologiarelazionale - The ethology of emotions and empathy


Pet Photo Challenge Winners at I Heart Faces

I can just feel the connection between these two, and the silhouette keeps the focus on the mood of the shot- the love felt between human and animal. There are no other visual distractions that take away from what’s most important- the bond that these two share.

From 'Ashes & Snow', Gregory Colbert. When I saw the exhibit in Santa Monica a few years ago it was... life altering.