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APHRODITE / VENUS Goddess of love, desire and beauty. There are two accounts of her birth. One says she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. The other that when Kronus castrated Uranus, tossing his severed genitals into the sea, she arose on a giant scallop and walked to shore in Cyprus. Zeus married her to Hephaestus to control the other gods jealousy. Aphrodite later was both Adonis' lover and his surrogate mother. Myrtles, doves, sparrows, horses, and swans are sacred to her.

Tortelini's origin dates back to the legends of Venus & Zeus. Try #Tortellini Pesto at our build your own Pasta Station! It's Legendary!

El mito Griego, con el que se vincula el mágico signo de Piscis es el siguiente: Tifón, un monstruo hijo de Gea y Tártaro quería derrocar a Zeus y eliminar a los demás dioses, un día de tantos este ser monstruoso se encontró a las orillas del Eufrátes a Afrodita (Venus)con su pequeño Eros (Cúpido) para lograr escapar ambos se convirtieron en peces, Afrodita para no perder a su pequeño ató con un hilo unido a su cuerpo con el de Eros, de forma tal que fuese posible huir con…

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The Moon's Node is usually referred to as the North Node. Also, I'm pretty sure that Poseidon is the same god as Neptune, and Zeus is the same god as Jupiter, and Hades is Pluto.

Sir William and the first Lady Hamilton in their villa in Naples (1770). David Allan (Scottish, 1744-1796). Oil on copper. Compton Verney. Sir William Hamilton, British Envoy in Naples from 1764, listens to the music played by his wife, Catherine Barlow, while surrounded by many of Sir William’s favourite items: his violin, a classical bust of Zeus and a small scale copy of Corregio’s Venus Disarming Cupid. The view of Vesuvius is a reference to Sir William’s passion for vulcanology.

Persephone is the Greek goddess of flowers and was so lighthearted, people called her the maiden of spring. But one day while she was picking flowers, Hades captured her and took her to the Underworld. Demeter made a deal with Hades so that Persephone could live in between the Underworld and above.