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Forearm Lifting Straps Increase your lifting power exponentially without ever spending time at the gym with the forearm lifting straps. These durable straps are made to handle the rigors of lifting heavy furniture and make it remarkably easy to lift over sized pieces in the household. $10.00 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Totoro Sleeping Bag Spend the day relaxing with a lovable woodland creature the next time you plop down on the Totoro sleeping bag. Styled to look like a giant Totoro this over sized cushion makes the ideal spot for a reading nook or taking a light nap. $299.00 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Doctor Who Electrical Outlet Sticker Its about time you added some character to your homes decor using the Doctor Who electrical outlet sticker. These removable vinyl matte decal anthropomorphizes your electrical outlets into tiny versions of our favorite Time Lord. $3.19 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Pikachu Bed Cure your loneliness by snuggling up with your favorite Pokemon every night on the Pikachu bed. Once this giant Pikachu is sprawled out on the floor his soft and coushiony body provide the ideal resting spot to catch some Zs. $207.00 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Topographic Tea Table Make teatime memorable with the topographic tea table. Layers of laminated plywood accentuate the undulating form through alternating dark and light seams to create a serene landscape with carved niches and plateaus to accommodate the tea set. $1700.00 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Revolver Bookend Keep all the reading material in your home organized just like they did in the olden days with the revolver bookend. This incredibly life-like revolver is styled after the antique revolvers made famous by the spaghetti westerns of the silver screen. $40.00 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Death Star Rug Let the Empire help you tie the room together with the iconic Death Star rug. Modeled after their prized weapon/space station this 6 x 6 rug is handmade with a level of detail fitting for a true Star Wars fans home decorum. $3349.15 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Superman and Batman Bookends Awe in amazement as you watch two of Earths mightiest heroes use their brute strength to hold up your books with the Superman and Batman bookends. This geeky bookend pits the caped crusader against the first son of Krypton in an explosive battle. $249.99 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

X-Wing Hot Dog Cooker Roast your weenies in under 12 parsecs when you place the X-Wing hot dog cooker on the job. This stainless steel X-Wing fighter features 4 custom made skewers at the end of each wing tip so you can flame broil up to 4 franks at a time. $19.99 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

Colorful Magnetic Ferrofluid Sphere Experience the mind boggling power of science with thiscolorful magnetic ferrofluid sphere. When introduced to a magnetic field this astonishing liquid reacts to create beautiful abstract formations that shift with various degrees of applied magnetic strength. $59.99 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy