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Saw this hottie at my hotel in Milan!! AHHHHH I shouldv'e taken a picture with him dammit haha :P Francisco Lachowski

{making Jackson's second fc Francisco Lachowski :) } ::Jackson:: "I'm tired of being told I'm only in it for the hookup. Because I'm not. Or at least I'm trying to not be." I bite my lip.

"Did you hear that carrot-top? Hey- wake up. I can't be the only one who heard that-" Jack nudged his cousin but the smaller boy remained soundly asleep. (Jack by Autumn Georgie Peters).

"This is so not happening" "Yes, it is, so I would highly recomend you to take aspirins and go back to bed. I'll take you the breakfast when I finish" "This is so not happening" "Back to bed, now" he said pausing "Did we? "