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A Line and Loops Design, this cute little Moose will make a wonderful addition your household. Coming from Canada, the Moose is an animal that demands respect and therefore this little moose should be loved and hugged and taken care of in its forever home. Custom made, and colours are an endless possibilities. Choose three colours, or four or go for broke ask for a rainbow. Apprx. 12inches long, 6 inches wide, 9inches tall Private message me about colour possibilities.

Cutest Baby Animals of 2012

STRAWBERRY PIGLET It hardly seems fair that something so tiny could be so very cute, but this micro-piggy from England's famed Pennywell Farm did it anyway, leaving the rest of the world to squeal while it enjoyed hugging a strawberry.

Namakemono no Mikke Sloth Plush Collection (Big)

**Buy the Complete Set now to receive a special, limited bonus: incredibly cute, high-quality Rainbow Alpacasso Pin! This pin is available only while supplies last and isn’t sold separately!** Sloths - not the most exciting of animals, but they are super cute, as you can see here in this series of adorable little sleepy creatures from cute critter masters Amuse. Meet Mikke - a brown male sloth ...

These 25 Heart-Melting, Soul-Lifting, Faith-Restoring, World-Conquering Pictures Are Simply The Best.

Baby orphaned Kangaroo plays at The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Daddy's little joey: The little orphaned kangaroo Indi getting hugs from Chris 'Brogla' Barns