16. Soursop (Guanabana) Soursop is native to Mexico, Central America, the Carribean and northern South America but these days it’s also being cultivated in countries in South Asia. Guanabana has a white, creamy pulp, very difficult to eat because of the large number of inedible seeds, but if you have the patience, you can enjoy a flavor that has been compared to strawberry and pineapple mixed together. Very rich in vitamins C, B1 and B2,

Jackfruit -The jackfruit is a gigantic, spined, oval fruit that have been first cultivated in Indian rainforests.Mainly in tropical areas like Hawaii, Brazil, Caribbean, Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Asia of course.

Urucu, Native to the Amazon, yields red seeds that are the best naturally occurring source of the pigment annatto #exotic #fruit #venusfly #places

Lychee: What is the Lychee? The lychee , laichi or lichu is a tropical fruit originally from Southern China. This low-calorie fruit has more Vitamin C than citrus fruits, as much fiber as an apple and potassium levels comparable to a banana. The fruit is primarily found in the following countries: Bangladesh China India Indonesia Madagascar Mexico Nepal Pakistan Phillipines Southern Africa Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Some nutritional benefits are: .....

Pomegranate: Mythical Fruit of Paradise, Antioxidant Powerhouse http://superhumanfoods.org/2012/07/the-pomegranate-mythical-ancient-superfruit-with-benefits-for-digestion-cancer-inflammation-and-heart.html

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