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from The HighBoy

19th Century Carved Oak Blanket Chest from Normandy

The fabulous carving on this piece has something for everyone. There are lions, knights in armor, weapons, helmets and even cupids in the upper corners. A very skilled craftsman has done this work. It would be great at the food of a bed or between two chairs. || TheHighBoy || #highboystyle #antiquesmakeitbetter #antiques #vintage

Black Metal Weapons Of Choices - The Sai

Tor "Snefer" Frick´s art : Wolfenstein: The New Order artdump part 1

Armor. Wicked. You would be a little intimidated if confronted by someone wearing this. Even if that someone was Hello Kitty.

A 17th century suit of Japanese armor fetched a record $602,500 at a Christie’s auction in New York, Oct 2009. The successful bid for the Edo Period hon kozane ni-mai do gusoku marked a new world auction record for Japanese armor. The armor, estimated at $250,000 to $300,000, was sold to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Half-armor, embossed Steel embossed with traces of gilding French,16th cent.

Horse armor @Carrie LIENEWEG

Chichak, a type of helmet (migfer) originally worn in the 15th-16th century by cavalry of the Ottoman Empire, consisting of a rounded bowl with ear flaps, a peak with a sliding nose guard passing through the peak, and an extension in the back to protect the neck. Various other countries used their own versions of the chichak including Mughal India, in Europe the zischagge helmet was a Germanisation of the original Turkish name. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.