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Reagan. She's a Xuila who is not officially a UIC member, but she is Shin's right hand 'man'. She is a master at martial arts, and prefers fighting without weapons. She loves fighting, and never backs down from one.She met Shin about 2 years ago, and has stuck with him ever since.

Youngest Daughter of the Earth Region. Gemstar

World of two-dimensional in Japan "Witch" #anime #manga #illustration

TheBeast, lovecacao *yunjeong on ArtStation at

ArtStation - Mu Legend, 태섭 신

RWBY: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme

Making of Tatsumaki

Making of Tatsumaki

Life is Strange : Chloe Price, Emily Cheng on ArtStation at

helpyoudraw: i did not draw this but its related to how to on vagina drawing —- Oh, bless you dear ;w;Source: