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I loved you even before I laid eyes on you... Only a mother can know the meaning of these words. Kerry Schultz Photography. Mother and Baby Portrait.

"EXPLAIN THAT AGAIN. The FDA has approved the Morning After Pill (ONE STEP PLAN B) for 15 year old girls and consider them adults but 26 year olds are considered children and can be put on their parents insurance? ARE YOU SURE MOM? That makes NO SENSE."

All women should have some amazing images of themselves. I love doing women's portraits and the sky is the limit with clothing, make up and the like. We should all get the opportunity to feel like a supermodel at least once in our lives.

I love using props in my photo sessions. Kids love to have something different to touch, play with or act out. Makes things a little more fun! Children and Family Photographer, Children Photography Ideas, Brothers, Kerry Schultz Photography

The face made in response to the photographer telling him she was totally in love with his face. I’d have to agree with her. Portugal - by Matilde B.

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