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You have to respect this kind of anger and self-assertiveness. The rest of the world may be afraid of ISIS, but these girls aren't...

How to stop siblings fighting? This is an excellent article (not a book) all about sibling rivalry. There are so many good points in here!

Burka Avenger is a groundbreaking superhero for a number of reasons: she is an empowered woman, her sidekicks are three children, her cause is social justice, and she's primarily focused on universal education. And Burka Avenger's enemies, corrupt politicians and Taliban-like militants, are very real.

Reporters. Either they forget that there's 4 boys in one direction besides Harry or they unfairly leave out certain boys.& yes they left out Liam above<<<IS ANYONE ELSE REALLY aNNoYED AT tHis like first off when u talk about one direction you include not only Harry but Liam Loui Niall and Zayn and ask them all questions and pretend that Harry dosent get all the attention!