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Wondering why you're not getting the #results you want?!? You need the proper #nutrition Day 16: #Beautiful #people and today we have 85 #squats! Don't worry rest day is coming soon :). Just push through and remember with #challenge comes change! You can break them into sets of whatever you like as long as you get them done before the #day is over :). Easy Day!!!

Good morning #beautiful people :). 250 squats and 230 crunches! It's another wonderful Monday and we have some #squats to go. Get inspired by that number and push yourself to get them done. Remember this is your #journey, not anyone else's so don't bother comparing yourself to someone else. Look in the mirror, that's your only #competition! Make today's goal to just do better than you did #yesterday. And go watch the #video at Easy Day!!! Have you checked out the 90 day challenge?!? Good morning Beautiful People! Yes you read that right. 280 squats today and 260 crunches EASY! You're more than capable of getting this done, I know you can. So let go of the doubt, and your excuses. Break these up into sets of whatever you like, just get them done. If you want to change you'll find a way, if you don't you'll find an excuse! Easy Day!!!

#Look! Squats do a body good! Only 75 squats today beautiful people :) and 55 crunches! You can do this! I don't care if you've never squatted before a day in your life, today is a GREAT time to start. This can be done ANYWHERE so you really don't have an excuse. Get up today and make a change and not an excuse! Easy Day!!!

Good morning beautiful people! We have been blessed with another day so lets take advantage. The longer you wait to get started the more you're going to wish that you started earlier! 65 squats today and 45 crunches. Are you really going to tell me you don't have time for that?!? Get them done! Easy Day!!!

Day 8 beautiful people and I hope you all have been doing squats. If not start today :). 75 Squats and 55 crunches. Do the best you can to finish them all today! I get so many messages about you all wanting a nice ass and flat stomach. Don't just talk about it, put the work in for it! Easy Day!!!

Motivators we have been blessed with another day to better our #health :). Remember these #squats don't have to be done all at once so don't try to use the excuse "I can't do 110 squats". I bet #you that you can do 5 or 10 straight, so do sets of 5 or 10. Even if #today is your first time squatting, don't be discouraged because you didn't start from day one, today is a #perfect day one for you so as you're reading this post get up and knock a few squats out! 110 squats and 90 crunches. Easy…

Day 11: 70 Squats #beautiful people. Don't let the excuses "it's the weekend" even come to thought because we have a goal we are going to reach. Sitting on the #butt you have isn't going to get you the butt you want so GET UP NOW and #squat :). Make sure you're also eating properly size portions and drinking #water. Don't add unnecessary fat to your body! As always check in when you're done and if #you haven't check out the challenge video and get started! Easy Day!!!

Good morning #beautiful people! Why not make today the day? Let's all be AWESOME and not average!!! "Like" if you're making today RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING! #EasyDay!!!


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