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We are honored to show you this very special award presented to BRAVO! producer Ken Rodgers by 8-1/2 year old Nicholle Bacon at the recent DAR ceremony in Boise. Nicolle's dad, Jeff Bacon, said she created it of her own volition with no prompting from her parents. We were quite moved by the realization that someone from her generation took the time to draw the award and think about what she was doing and show honor and respect to someone 60 years her elder, and his service.

Vietnam War, Battle of Khe Sanh (I salute you warriors ...TY for my freedom!) ---I will not forget---

1968 Capt. William H. Dabney of Company I, 26th Marine Regiment, Khe Sanh, Vietnam

Catherine LeRoy's image of Corpsman Vernon "Doc" Wike during the battle for Hill 881 in 1967 in Khe Sanh, Vietnam, and as a portrait years later in 2005. For more images, see the book Great Photographers and Writers in Vietnam.

Carrying a guitar and a M16 rifle, a Marine waits at a landing strip for a flight out of Khe Sanh, February 25th, 1968. It was the era of Rock & Roll and more people turned up for James Brown at the yearly USO extravaganza, than for Bob Hope.


Cathrine Leroy Female Combat Photographer

Catherine Leroy. Many American soldiers along with male war correspondents were shocked to see Leroy in 1966 when she landed in Vietnam on a one-way ticket from Paris through Laos to Saigon, with her small Leica in hand. She was only 21 (or thereabouts) and her diminutive presence, at five feet tall and less than 90 pounds, didn’t match the profile of the average foreign war correspondent.

02 Jan 1968, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam --- 1/2/1968-Khe Sanh, South Vietnam- A soldier keeps watch outside the bunkers at Khe Sanh, one of the Marines' key bases in the northern portion of South Vietnam. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

© David Douglas Duncan 1968 US Marines carry a wounded comrade, Khe Sanh, Vietnam