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because i’m feeling alone and i’d probably take it all back and God only knows i must stay on my toes because i can’t allow myself to do that i always wanted you to stay but now i’m wishing you away if this is what love feels like i’m done with it i fell

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well the guy i like is talking to another girl and what is bad is that he comes to me about the problems they have. i just want to tell him shes not good enough for him but i just cant do that cuz i dont think he feels the same way

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words inspire me... (simply me)


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I always want bigger & better for myself. I want to achieve every single goal I've ever dreamt of and more. This goes for my education, career and my future permanent relationship. Why settle for less, why settle for mediocrity when there are plenty of desperate, lazy others who will accept it?

I do NOT owe anyone any explanation for my boundaries. I'm caring, understanding, loving, and I'll listen and help when I can. The need to prove anything beyond that because it's put in constant illogical doubt is toxic. Enough.

I hate that I miss her sometimes, crave to pick up the phone & call. But she's not meant to be part of my life.