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Why palm trees are the dorks of mother nature more at the blog. from: Aubreys/642


How to get to this red door at the beach. Details and directions for you... from: Aubreys/642

A Poem for the Poppies

If Gandhi were a rapper his rhymes would be a lil something like these... READ IT HERE: #aubreys642

See this Instagram photo by @aubreynelson_ • 642 likes

This sad bear wants to tell you the most pathetic camping story... Read it here: #aubreys642 Forever alone


Creative Writing Ideas and Prompts. Fun short stories, memories, rants, conversations, loves and likes. Read it all here... AUBREYS/642 | "642 Things (For Aubrey) To Write About"


campbells soup by andy warhol. Go to to read a story about this can o soup.

That kid everyone on your block wanted to punch, but their mom had the good popsicles... Read more here:

These videos will make you cry big giant beautiful tears of them all here// crying light installation