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30.000 φωτάκια LED και μακρά έκθεση μετέτρεψαν τα τραμ της Βουδαπέστης σε χρονομηχανές -

The ad is in Odenplans station in central Stockholm for a hair care range. It features a hair model looking into the camera, frozen like a photograph. But every time a train flies into the station her hair blows wildly in the wind, and she struggled to keep it in place. It's a simple, delightful effect; playful, responsive and seemingly magical that it erases the line between ad and environment. This video display is rigged to motion sensors which activate with each train.


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On pose ça là …

They Hand The Fast Food Clerk A Piece Of Paper. What Was On It? Do good...and good will be done unto you.....kind of a tear jerker.


A Guide Dog Was Being Trained At Disneyland...But When He Sees Pluto, He Loses It!

Guide dog in training meets Pluto at Disneyland