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"So..." He said to his grandmother. "So?" She replied. "So, how d'you like Bee?" He looked up from his hands. "Ooooo!" She cried, something she did often when she was excited or knew gossip was coming. "Wrap her up & give her to me for Christmas! Oh Jamesie she's wonderful!" She told him. This thrilled him, to know that she thought so much of the girl he loved. He smiled at his grammy, knowing just how well they would get on, his hands still locked in his lap.

And he managed to turn playing the Winter Soldier in into an unforgettable performance (unforgettable to me, that is)

Sebastian Stan doing weird things with his face but still managing to look completely adorable!

*applause* Good job Sebastian. Good job Fangirl. Politeness and kindness. This is how its done.