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ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY In the words of Drunvalo Melchizidek "We are watched over by both Intraterrestrial and Extraterrestrial Beings,as well as Celestial Beings at this point in time, beause our

Reptilian Aliens are said to originate from the Draco Constellation and are alien beings that consume negative energies throughout the Universe. Because Reptilian Aliens need the digestion of negative energies to survive, they created the slave race of Grey Alien. Today, Reptilians and their agenda have become a pop-culture phenomenon because of the efforts of Mr. David Icke and his continuous teaching of the true nature, agenda, and influence of the Reptilians. Some theories purpose…

This is the Buckley Family. The children’s names were Susan & John. As a Halloween joke, all the kids in the neighborhood were going to get a dummy & pretend to chop its head off. The Buckley children thought it would be hilarious to actually murder their mother, so they got an axe & slaughtered her. Once everyone figured out what they had done they called the police, but the kids were long gone. The only picture of them was this photo, taken by a trick-or- treater.