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Why I hate Valentine's Day (and it's not due to being single)

Grumpy Cat still doesn’t get Frozen.

Say it from the bottom of your heart.

totally. I've cried out of confusion when people have bought me gifts/cards that were actual tokens of genuine affection.


Manuela Mosca @manuellax 👌Instagram photo

hate liars poem - doesn't have be bout guys can b bout friends u thought was ur real friend & found out they aren't!!

I often try not to complain about how all my friends are in relationships, since most people don't want to date the quiet rocker chick that sits in the back of the class. And the few that do, only want to date me to piss off their parents.

I love when I dream of him, But I hate when I wake up because I know he doesn't love me back It was all a dream.<\3

how much is that bunny in the window (not a kitty but still cute!)