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HOW in the world do everyone get so many of VIXX ERROR cards in such a short time? Description from I searched for this on

Leo ♡ #VIXX // His Staring always makes my day ..

Leo #VIXX Say what? Actual serial killer? More importantly when he smiles there are rainbows in Egypt! OMO so funny!

That is so accurate. .____. Except for the first pic. One of the first Kpop mvs that I saw was Tell Me Goodbye by Big Bang.... I liked that mv, so then I tried Monster........... And that's when I fell in love with Kpop. I was all \o/ THIS.IS.AWWESSSSOOOMMMEEEE!!!! Lol

VIXX all agree one of their biggest problems around the time of their debut was that no one could find the right camera angles during performances and everyone seemed to be looking off into space. Description from I searched for this on

Leo gif #vixx #Leo

Baby VIXX... Omg, can I just say that Leo still hasn't changed? Or N, always ready for the camera. haha I love them!


Onew... *perverted smile* XD