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Because you asked for it! (And also because I wanted to do it xD) Here is DP 10 years later in genderbend!!! .D

Visiting the ancestors by Sam Toft

This is officially my favorite pin I have on this board.-Mya Frehley

"You and I both know we shared a moment back in that church. On some level, we bonded." - Crowley ||| Crowley and Sam

This cracked me up since Jared had surgery and his arm sling was real. Thought it was funny they made a joke about his sling.

I loved this scene and it really reaffirms my feelings that Dean is closer to s5 Sam than I want to believe. 9x22 Stairway To Heaven (Marked Deans not sleeping. Soulless Sam didn't sleep. What does that tell us?)

Sam and Max: Freelance Police - Max Aanimation references by Steve Purcell 1997