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Based on the new information introduced at the Midpoint, the hero shifts from wanderer, reacting uselessly, to warrior,attacking the problem head on. The magnitude of this shift reminds us how significant the Midpoint is. A weak Midpoint makes the Attack less believable. Our hero begins to appear more heroic. Rather than hiding and running, they’re plotting and fighting. Not winning; not yet. But making headway, moving toward the Climax of the story and its final Resolution. Write one…

The Pajama War promo by writer/storyboard artist Seo Kim premieres Thursday, January 8th at 7/6c. seokim: “ New Episode Tonight!!!!!!! ”

Every bone in her body ached from regret. She knew what she was to be, but her past decisions rendered her untrustworthy. She didn't know how to explain it to him, how was she to tell the man who was sworn to protect her with his life that she wanted aid him. She shook her head softly as tears rolled down her face, she had already sided with the enemy; her Guardian would not forgive her. With shaky steps, she began to wade into the river, she knew of only one way to be free of her guilt. To…

Grenn, a true brother of The Night's Watch, Game of Thrones - They held the gate but they all die! I will miss you, Grenn! Just don't get why he was killed as he is still alive in the books...why they had to kill them all, wasn't enough with Pyp? :(

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Sonja from Underworld is Selene. The Warlock Watcher Warrior Whispering Waves Sovereign Lucifer Light Lord God Genevieve Gustilo Jallorina Solis re Vivian J. Solis 'INDAY Adriana Lima'

If your novel were a play, the Setup would be Act I. Act II would be split in two: Response and Attack. In Response we saw the hero flail and fail. In Attack, they’re no longer reacting to what’s done to them, to circumstances. Instead, they’ll become a driver for the action, attacking the problem head on. They’re no longer an aimless wanderer. The event which changes all that is the Midpoint. At the Midpoint we share something new which changes the context, shifts the weight of events in…