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Vegan Cheetos Chickpeas

I’m all about snacks. Whether it’s something to crunch on during a movie, or giving dinner guests something to munch on while dinner’s in the oven, any new additions to my snack game are welcome. If I can make those snacks healthy, that's even better. If I can somehow give chickpeas the addictive crunch and cheesy taste of a bag of Cheetos? Holy moly — hold me back from going into full-on snack-attack mode.

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Resource management in a dystopian future in Beholder (review) We are always watching. Or so the creators of Beholder an indie strategy game from Warm Lamp Games would have us believe. As Carl the newly appointed building manager of a state run apartment its your job to keep an eye on the buildings tenants while simultaneously taking care of your wife and children. But rather than making sure their happiness is at maximum and their toilet is working (this is a dystopian future after all)…