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Your First Deployment: How to Thrive {Not Just Survive}

Your First Deployment: How to Thrive {Not Just Survive} I washed my hardwood floors today. A monumental task in this current season of my life, but I managed it. And as the smell of Murphy’s Cleaning Oil was wafting through my house, I found myself rushed back to a life, that now seems very far away, full of fear, anticipation, pain, and waiting... {The Mama Diaries}

Why Deployment Meltdowns are Actually a Good Thing

If you've ever struggled with a deployment meltdown while your service member is away, this is the encouragement you need! | Military spouse | Military significant other | Military girlfriend | Military wife | Military family

10 Mantras For Deployment

Deployments suck. Make them suck less with these 10 uplifting and empowering mantras to help you overcome anything a deployment throws at you. Must read for new and seasoned military spouses/milspouses, and milso! Pin it for later!

7 Ways Military Girlfriends Can Conquer Deployment

"7 Ways Military Girlfriends Can Conquer Deployment" by Heather from | Great tips for new military girlfriends or those going through their first military deployment.

How I Cope During Deployment

How to Cope During Deployment - For those who wonder how I get through a deployment here are my 10 ways to cope during a deployment.

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